It’s only fitting that this first ‘official’ blog be a history of how I came to write. I was about 12 at the time, entering that bewildering wonderland between childhood and an adult. I had by this time made up my mind, heart, and yes, spirit – that I really did believe all those unbelievable things we read in the Bible. Yes, I knew that God really was real.

I’d been asked to give a short devotional in our Methodist Youth Fellowship Class. I was beginning to think deep 12 year old thoughts about this time, so I decided to WRITE my devotional! Other than short school assignments, this was my first attempt at ‘serious’ writing.

Easter was approaching, so an Easter devotional seemed appropriate. I found a very, very large nail among my Dad’s tools, and planned to use the nail, a piece of 2×4, and a large hammer as props. Then I began to write.

My thought process centered of Christ’s sacrificial death for our sins.The more I focused on this truth, the more unbelievable it seemed to me that His own people could have rejected Him! And then, I remembered that people of my day were still trying to push Him aside, out of the way, out of their lives. For the first time, the use of ‘X’ for Christmas – as in ‘Merry Xmas’ suddenly seemed all the more repulsive. It was truly sad, and unbelievable. I worked this into my Easter story. I entitled the piece, ‘THE MAN CALLED X.’

That was 60+ years ago. I’m still writing. People are still replacing the real Easter story with stories of rabbits and eggs. And people are busier today celebrating anything and everything but the true meaning of Christmas. Who would have thought 60 years ago that it would not be considered ‘politically correct’ in 2016 to say Merry Christmas! More than ever before, our once Christian nation is X-ing Him out! We know what happened to the Jewish nation when they did that. Let’s pray it’s not too late for us. Bill Murphy




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