scrooge   I suppose I better get these thoughts on paper now. Within a few days they’ll be, ‘dated.’

Carol has always referred to me as ‘Scrooge’ around Christmas time. She gave me this Scrooge tree ornament a number of years ago. Now believe me, I don’t go so far as to proclaim ‘baa humbug,’ but for many years I’ve had decided issues with our modern version of Christmas celebrations and customs.

Let’s face it – the honest truth of the whole matter of Christmas is that was intended to be a Christian celebration of the birth of a Christian historic figure by the name of Jesus (The Christ) of Nazareth. Much the same way, Easter was a celebration of His death, burial, and resurrection. Look around you. Don’t see much celebration of His birth do you!

There’s an old adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I whole heartedly believe that. So somewhere along the line, folks with ‘good intentions‘ added to the celebration. They added fir trees, holly, mistletoe, candles, candy, cookies, and gifts for the kiddies and everyone. And then someone ‘birthed‘ Jolly Ole Saint Nick, the fat man in the red suit who really sole Christmas. The Grinch only helps. As does Elf. Etc. Do I need to bring up what we lovingly refer to as ‘Easter’ bunnies and eggs?

Personally, I’m sick of it. But I have a way out – a suggestion if you will.

Because Washington is dead set on abolishing any mention of CHRIST as in ‘Merry Christmas,’ then let’s still have the good old American Happy December Holiday. And we’ll call it X-Mass, which is already being used. That shouldn’t offend anyone. Then, we’ll take ALL things CHRISTIAN out of Christmas! Santa can have it! We’ll simply start over at another date!

There are Christian Holidays that the world at large is happy to ignore. We’ll simply combine our celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth with one of those – and I suggest Pentecost Sunday. I have yet to see an Amazon Pentecost Sale, or Wal-Mart Pre-Pentecost mark-downs. We can celebrate these Christian events at one time – or even a day apart. But the new rules must be understood – Santa belongs to X-Mass, as do Reindeer, Elves, Holly, Egg Nog, exchanging gifts, mega-dinners at grandma’s, midnight sales at the mall, etc. X-Mass will be for wild spending, unbridled eating, unruly crowds and heavy traffic, frustration, all the stuff we’ve come to associate with X-Mass.

The ‘new’ Christmas/Pentecost will be reserved for being unhurried and un-harried – for pausing and stopping to enjoy the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – and to focus on Him and only Him – as we wish Him an un-obstructed Happy Birthday. This sounds like true Peace On Earth, Good-Will To Men! I really think Jesus would be pleased with this.




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