This Is Us

If I were to describe the human race in one word, it would be 


As a monotheistic Christian, I believe that we are what we are by design.

My religious belief tells me that the one true God is the ultimate authority and that His will is supreme.  His written word tells me that He created us ‘in His image,’ that is, in His likeness.  And because He is a SPIRIT, and a spirit does not have flesh and bones, this ‘likeness’ to Him is not a physical likeness, but a spiritual likeness.  I was created having a will also.  And that will is what gives me (and you) that powerful thing we call ‘opinion.’

That said, is there really any wonder why there’s so much discord in the world?  There are so many of us and each of us have our personal opinions. 

Please, don’t get me wrong by what I’m about to say.  God didn’t create us as little toys, plaything to keep Himself entertained.  No!  We were designed for a basic purpose, to be His children, to receive His love, and to return that love to Him.  We were created for RELATIONSHIP.   We practice this within our own homes.  Don’t we pour out our love onto even our ‘furry children’ and relish in that devotion that Fido and Fluffy bestow upon us!  We’re not ‘pets’ either.  We’re God’s CHILDREN!

Yes, we come by our opinionated disposition honestly and nobly.  But this treasure is often abused and misused, and we turn it into a curse.  A knife is a valuable tool, and a weapon of death.  Likewise, our pre-disposed nature toward personal opinion births both good and bad, truth and error, life and death.  It’s our responsibility to keep the negatives separated from the positives.  We do this through RESPECT.

To respect another’s opinion does not necessarily mean that we embrace that opinion… it only means that we ‘respectfully’ understand that their opinion exist, and like us, they have a right to hold that opinion.

Personally, I’ve been wrong before, far more times than I’m happy to confess.  Chances are that’s happened with you.  

You see, my faith tells me that my God didn’t just bequeath me with this powerful thing called a will, and then allows me to run with it blindly, like a child playing with a sharp knife.  No.  He blessed me with an operator’s manual, a set of regulations and guidelines, a map, rule book, directions for use, helpful hints, how to have a successful life for dummies book that helps me use this heavenly blessing as a blessing.  My manual shows me how to keep it from becoming a curse. 



1 thought on “This Is Us

  1. Well said, brother Bill. I really enjoy your writings. I agree completely, of course. I love what you spend your time and thoughts creating.
    I have only one negative opinion as I reply: The font in the reply window is so small I’n nut comply sore quat I”n wtirimg!


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