I’ve heard it said that any man can father a child, but it takes a special man to be a Dad.  And, yes, I had such a Dad.  He was there to help me, instruct me, lead and protect me.  He taught me how to shave, how to (properly) use a hammer, how to tie a neck-tie, how to drive… and  countless other things.  He was THERE for me!  I miss him dearly.

My wife says I’m still a kid at heart, and I suppose I am.  I still build model airplanes, but that’s OK, I’m retired, I can do that now without guilt.  But, the kid in me still needs the help and assistance of a DAD, and I have that, in the ‘person’ of my Heavenly Father!

Much to the exasperation of my ever patient wife, I ‘lose’ my glasses several times a week.  She’s learned to have a ‘special place’ to put them when she happens upon them in places where they ought not be.  You see, I’m near-sighted.  I can see perfectly well working on my computer, reading, and cutting balsa wood.  I need them to watch TV, or see what making all the noise outside.

My earthly Dad is no long by my side, but my Heavenly Father (Dad) is right here now!  

Yes, I pause and ask ‘Dad’ if he’s seen my glasses?  Oh course He has!  My Heaven Father sees and knows everything!  Yes, I’m saying that I pray over such a trivial matter!

That’s what makes Him so awesome!  My reasoning is, He can be great enough to create the stars above (I refer you to the Hubble Space Telescope photo above) and yet small enough to help His individual children, even with a trivial matter, like telling me where my misplaced glasses are.  And He always does! 

Thanks Dad!



© 2020 Bill Murphy

We all have ‘milestones’ which mark our passage through life.  That’s why we have birthdays an anniversaries.  Then there are other memorable events, such as learning to ride a bike, our first kiss, the birth of a child.  These become what we think of as ‘turning points’ in life.  I had another only a few minutes earlier today.

I was mowing our lawn, on our John Deere riding mower.  Yes, it has a safety switch that powers it down completely when the driver leaves the seat. 

I’ll be eighty in February.  No, I don’t feel ‘old,’ although I can’t say that I’m as spry as I was at 21.  The current Covid shutdown has actually not affected my life-style nearly as much as it has others.  I’ve always been a home-body.

In recient months, I’ve noticed a sometimes uncertain sence of balance.  It might happen when I’m sitting and then stand, or similar sudden movements.  It’s never been anything strong enough to actually cause me worry.  

But a few minutes ago, while mowing the side yard, I spotted a large piece of scrap paper ahead.  I stopped, turned off the mower, and climbed off the seat, and stepped down.  For a split second, up, down and sideways simply converged.  I had a milestone moment!  I took my first ‘old man’ tumbled.  Fortunately, it was in a grassy area with no rocks, etc.  No scraps, no bruises, no broken bones.  Just a watershed moment… Bill’s First Old Age Tumble. Help, I’ve fallen. But I got up all by myself!  

Whew!  I’m glad I’ve gotten that behind me!