I’m a square peg in a world of round holes.  It hasn’t always been this way.  Once my world was a world of square holes, and I fit in quite nicely.

You no doubt see where this is going, and have already jumped to the obvious conclusion… that the fault lies not in the holes, but in the peg.  Right?

Not all obvious conclusions are correct.  Magicians ply their trade based upon this one flawed assumption.

I’ll grant you this apparent fact, ‘things’ have changed and I have not.  The question here is-who is a fault.

I’ll begin by saying that I refuse to take the blame, not all of it    anyway.

Society does morph and change.  This is a well documented fact.  The question is not that change has taken and is taking place, but if that change is profitable, positive, and good.  

Iron rusts.  Lunch meat spoils.  Fireplace logs morph into cold powdery dust.  

But were not talking about inanimate objects here.  We’re talking about living, breathing, day to day life.  I’m encouraged to get with the program, to adapt, to go with the flow.  Sorry, I’m not a lemming. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemming for an explanation.)

The finger seems to always point at the peg.  Other pegs have changed.  They’ve whittled themselves down, sanded themselves into a nice conforming rounded shape, they’ve adapted.  Yes they have.  But let’s change the word here.  In ‘adapting,’ they’ve ADOPTED the new standard, the standard of round.

I have a difficult time in falling in behind Lemming Number One.  Over the heads of others I see something ahead that doesn’t seem quite ‘right.’   Hey guys, slow down a minute.  Lets check out this path and see where it’s leading!   In doing this, I stand out.  I’m a non-conformist.  I’m a trouble maker.  I’m a square peg that simply won’t fit into this world’s round holes.  To apologize for that would be like saying “I’m sorry that I’m me.”  I can’t imagine hearing you say that about yourself. 

This lemming has chosen to step out of the race.  You can have my spot, if you want it. 


1 thought on “SQUARE PEG

  1. I’m not sure I get you point. I have always been an outsider, someone who many have said that I lack common sense. I never understood what they were talking about—what is this common sense that I am apparently without? A few years ago I discussed this with a friend who also was a practicing psychiatrist (I was not his patient). He said that I had “uncommon sense.” I tend to look at things from a perspective different from most. I seldom take things at face value, but instead try to see things in depth; what is below the superficial that most seem to focus on. What are the reasons, the what and why of things. Then, and only then do I act on what think I understand, while keeping in mind that I could be wrong. When I find myself undecided about two divergent points of view, I am unlikely to follow the majority just because they are the majority. My decision will be based upon my understanding of the issue, yet be open to change it should evidence be contrary to me belief. I would have assumed that this was true of you, too.


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