For the first time in numerous years, this morning I had cause to be on Hanging Moss Road in Northwest Jackson.  It brought back many memories, and one especially bizarre one!  

My high school girlfriend at the time was close friends with one of our  classmates, Bonnie Crumbley, who’s family lived on Hanging Moss.  I was in their home numerous times beginning from ’57.  During one visit, Bonnie’s mom told us a truly bizzare story about Bonnie.

Mrs. Crumbley told us than one day in 1941, she was suddenly overcome by severe stomach pains.  The pain simply wouldn’t go away, so thinking that it surely must be a stomach ulcer or possibly appendicitis… she was taken to the hospital.

The doctors told her that she was IN LABOR, to which she replied that NO she wasn’t… and couldn’t be… because she was NOT pregnant.  But yet, she was, and had been for some time!  Soon the huge suprize that was Bonnie was delivered!

True story!